IWLive Sunset: Frequently Asked Questions

With the release of IWLive Pro in 2016, Innovyze delivered the next generation of IWLive Pro, a significantly refined product using the latest technology and specifically designed to provide all existing IWLive Pro users with a simple upgrade path from IWLive to the newer, more powerful, IWLive Pro platform.

The first version of IWLive was commercially released in 2010. IWLive has served the industry well, providing a live operational decision support tool however many of the underlying technology components are reaching the end of their useful life and limiting the functionality in IWLive.

A decision has been made to cease development of IWLive and retire the product from our portfolio of active products. Its retirement date was 17 January, 2017, and we are no longer selling new licenses of IWLive. Innovyze will continue to provide support for existing IWLive users with valid annual maintenance contracts until 31st December 2017. After that date we will not be providing support for InfoWorks WS.

The attached document (IWLive – End of Life FAQ) aims to provide answers to the questions that you may have regarding the sunset of IWLive.

The key highlights:

  • Can I continue to use IWLive? Absolutely!
  • Is there any loss of functionality when moving from IWLive to IWLive Pro? No.
  • How much does it cost to migrate from IWLive to IWLive Pro? The cost to migrate is minimal, in fact there is no cost to migrate the IWLive Operator!
  • IWLive Pro is the next generation of IWLive and is a brand new 64-bit application.
  • There is no loss of functionality or data when migrating from InfoWorks WS to InfoWorks WS Pro.
  • IWLive Pro includes a number of significant productivity enhancements, including parallel processing of simulations and Google Maps linked search capabilities.


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