Updates to the Ground Infiltration Module in InfoWorks ICM 8.0


The release of InfoWorks ICM version 8.0 has seen a couple of additional features added to the Ground Infiltration module to improve efficiencies and assist with calibration to observed data.  These are:-

  • New constant evapotranspiration loss type,
  • New evapotranspiration depth at which evapotranspiration losses from the soil store cease,
  • Monthly evapotranspiration factors,
  • Option whereby the ground infiltration depends on the surcharge state in the pipe,
  • Ability to apply a ground infiltration event profiles to multiple subcatchments.

The document at the below link describes in more detail how each of these new options work

The Ground Infiltration Module

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    Duncan Kitts is a Senior Support Engineer with Innovyze in the United Kingdom, specializing in River modelling and 2D modelling. He has over 9 years experience of modeling the key hydraulic processes involved in both fluvial systems and urban drainage environments. Duncan is responsible for providing support of both infoworks ICM and Infoworks RS.
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