Exporting Map Themes from InfoMaster

One of the main benefits of InfoMaster is the ability to leverage all of the different applications already within ArcMap.  Because InfoMaster is completely built within the geodatabase structure, all InfoMaster data is also ArcGIS data.  This makes it very easy for users to generate data and results with InfoMaster and then transform that data into a raw attribute table, feature class, or shapefile, so that anyone with ArcMap can view the data.

Below is a quick example of how seamless and user friendly this process can be.  Say, for example, that you want to export out your risk results from your gravity main facility type as a map display.  First, you would generate a map display by right-clicking on the desired risk analysis and selecting Map Display…

In the Thematic Mapping dialog, select the display preferences and then click update.  Users can adjust weights, colors, labels, etc. and save the theme so that it can be easily be recalled in the future.  Also note in the screenshot below that InfoMaster’s Thematic Mapping window has be simplified for a more user friendly experience in InfoMaster Update 8.1.

Once the thematic mapping has been applied, the map display should reflect the user preferences and the risk output information should be joined to the gravity main attribute table.  If the thematic mapping is removed and the facility layer display is reset, the risk information will no longer be joined to the attribute table.

Now using, ArcGIS tools, we can export the thematic mapping as a separate feature class or shapefile  While the thematic mapping is still displayed, right-click on the gravity main facility type and click Data > Export Data.  You can now choose to save this data wherever you wish.  It can now be recalled and displayed by any user without an InfoMaster license!  Users can follow a similar series of steps to export out CCTV results, rehab analysis, cost data, etc.

In addition, users can take this process one step further to export information to ArcGIS Online.  For more information see the additional blog below:

Publish InfoMaster results to an ArcGIS online webmap with ease.


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