Project Bundling – Post Rehab Plan

At the end of running a rehab flowchart, the rehab summary report is generated which shows the assigned rehab action for each pipe. However, many utilities and engineering consultants do not perform rehab actions on an individual pipe basis, but on many pipes grouped into individual projects. This blog addresses how InfoMaster users can bundle pipes into work orders and projects.

In this Rehabilitation Summary table, users can manually edit the given Rehab Action for pipes or manholes if they wish. Simply, click the dropdown arrow and select a new Rehab Action. Users can also lock a given Rehab Action for a specific pipe by right-clicking on a row and selecting ‘Lock’. This will prevent that Rehab Action from changing, even if the rehab flowchart is re-run with different logic.

Two other options are also available when right-clicking on a pipe or multiple pipes: Create a Work Order and Create an Inspection. Depending on the Rehab Action assigned, users will be able to create a correlated work order or inspection to be stored in the IM Work Manager.

Notice too that multiple pipes can be combined into a single work order or separated into individual work orders. ArcMap selection tools and the Query Builder can also be applied in this table to help users determine the correct pipe groupings.

Once users right-click and create a work order/inspection, they can quickly select basic options like priority, start and finish time, and who the work order should be dispatched to. If users want to create individual work orders or inspections for each pipe, they can still be combined into projects within the Work Manager. Within projects, users can quickly check the status of the group of inspections and work orders and even visualize simple Gantt charts.

Finally, once a work order or inspection is created, it will be shown within the Rehab Summary table.

Once a work order or inspection has been assigned, users have effectively brought InfoMaster full circle. Raw GIS, CCTV, and risk data has been given to InfoMaster, it has been analyzed through the rehab flowchart, and now a work order or inspection has been assigned to that pipe based on all the data provided. These work orders can now be grouped in the Projects tab, be exported to InfoNet or another CMMS software, or even be brought into ArcGIS Online and its Workforce application.

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