Retirement of InfoWorks WS is now complete

The formal announcement of the retirement of InfoWorks WS was made on the 17th January 2017, following the successful introduction of InfoWorks WS Pro.

Press Release: Innovyze Retires InfoWorks WS with Launch of More Powerful Next-Generation InfoWorks WS Pro Water Distribution Systems Modeling Software

Following this schedule, the Support Program for InfoWorks WS was formally closed on 15th December 2017. All existing customer support contracts for InfoWorks WS have now expired. This does not affect support contracts for any other Innovyze products.

As a result of this, Innovyze is no longer able to provide technical support regarding the use of the InfoWorks WS product. Customers with valid InfoWorks WS licences are, of course, fully entitled to continue using the software, but usage will be unsupported by Innovyze. The Innovyze User Forums at continue to be available for questions to be put to the wider water modelling community.

The following link answers a number of questions regarding the retirement of InfoWorks WS.

Blog Article: InfoWorks WS – End of Life FAQ

The official upgrade program from InfoWorks WS to InfoWorks WS Pro closed at the end of December 2017. This program allowed customers with supported InfoWorks WS licences to receive a trade-in discount valued at 100% of the current list price of WS when upgrading to InfoWorks WS Pro. If you have not upgraded your license as of 31st December 2017, but are still interested in migrating to InfoWorks WS Pro, please contact your local Innovyze Sales Team or your local Channel Partner, either of whom will be able to prepare a formal quotation. Worldwide contact details can be found at

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