How to simulate a valve operation with InfoSurge

This procedure below shows how to apply AV (TCV), how to activate it, and how to apply AV (TCV) Operation Change Data, Stem Change Curve.

1- Select your Valve
2- Choose 4: Throttle Control Valve for Valve Type
3- Click Auxiliary Calculator   and select AV Characteristics Curve Generator
4- Select Gate Valve from Options and Minor Loss from Pipe Data (Wide Open Data) and assign 1 for Minor Loss
5- Click Compute

6- Click Create New Curve and name it as ‘12INGATEVALVECURVE, 12” Gate valve curve’
7- Assign the new Valve Curve on the Attribute Browser

8- Click AV (TCV) Surge Data Button   and click Activate

9- Now you’ll see that the AV (TCV) Operation Change tool is not grayed out anymore
10- Click    AV (TCV) Operation Change

11- Name the Stem Curve as ‘VALVE_OP_CHANGE’, set the time as it is shown in the example below. Note: The Valve is going to be closed in 10 seconds.

12- Click Save and OK
13- Finally click Create to generate the AV (TCV) Operation Change data

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