2018 Brisbane Innovyze User Event

The 2018 Brisbane Innovyze User Event took place on the 8th & 9th August at Hotel Urban in Brisbane City.

We hosted over 60 delegates from around Australia to share their own experiences through various case studies, live demonstrations and Q&A sessions.

Innovyze wishes to thank all those who were involved in the conference and look forward to future user events.

Click on an image below to download a PDF version of each presentation.

Day 1 – Water, Asset Management & Operational Analytics

Utilising Inspection Data to Build an Intelligent Asset Management Database

Efficiencies in Innovyze Smart Asset Management SolutionsImproved Network Response Time
SCADAWatch as a Modelling Tool

Variability of Peaking Factors in the Network and Hydraulic Simulation
Gold Coast Disinfection Strategy Revisited using InfoWater Multi Species eXtension

New Features in Innovyze Software

Planning for the Future of the SEQ Bulk Water Supply Grid - A Complex Challenge

SCADAWatch as an Operational Analytics tool



Day 2 – Sewer & Storm
Beenleigh WWTP Hydraulic AnalysisLatest Optimization Technology AdvancementsKawana Sewerage Network Master Plan and Overflow Abatement StrategyUsing InfoWorks ICM SE for Big Models!Implications of ARR2016 on Sewer SystemsA statistical method for comparing ensembles

The next Innovyze User Event for 2018 will be held the 21st & 22nd November 2018 In Melbourne, Australia.
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